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Advocacy is a tool that YBI uses to get leaders, stakeholders, and government agencies to support initiatives, interventions and programs that contribute to the development of the society as well as the development and empowerment of our teeming youths. YBI believes that, with advocacy we can have robust discussions on the way forward for our dear country while also presenting facts, figures and data to help chart a new course for our collective good.
Since inception, YBI has been involved in several advocacy activities ranging from health, education, climate change, youth development and good governance. YBI has also been represented in many international conferences on HIV/AIDS to present papers on the work it does in Nigeria and to garner support for the implementation of its programs.
Some of the international conferences and advocacy efforts of YBI includes, United Nations World Summit on Information Society – WSIS Tunis 2005; ICASA 2005 Abuja Nigeria; Microbicides 2006 South Africa 2006; Microbicides 2008 India 2008; Microbicides 2010 Pittsburgh USA; ICASA 2011 Addis Ababa 2011; Microbicides 2012 Sydney Australia; IAS 2012 Washington DC USA 2012; Health Integration for Impact Conference 2012 Nairobi Kenya.
YBI also implemented an advocacy project – Global  Lube Assess Mobilization project GLAM, in conjunction with the International Rectal Microbicides Advocates –IRMA Nigeria and the International Center for Advocacy on Right to Health- ICARH in 2013. The project which lasted 6 months was funded by the American Foundation for AIDS Research- amfAR and the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. The main goal of the project was to advocate for the inclusion of assess to condom compatible lubricants in the Nigerian HIV/AIDS Strategic work plan.