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Community Development

Community organizing is a key element in Community Development and it has to do with organizing a community to mobilize resources within the community towards its development. Community organizing is a key strategy used by YBI to get stakeholders to support community initiatives geared toward community development and empowerment.
For a community initiative to be successful and sustainable, the community members must take ownership. And one way to ensure ownership is to engage the community members at the initial stage of any project in the community. YBI has mentored and supported the formation of some community initiatives. These initiatives are geared towards contributing to the development of their various communities.
YBI continues to provide technical support and developing the capacities of these community initiatives in order for them to be able to implement community based interventions aimed at youth and community development. Some of the community initiative that YBI helped set up include;

  1. Otumara Concerned Barbers – OCB was founded in 2008 and based in Otumara Village in Ebute Meta, Lagos Mainland Local Government. OCB is a group of barbers who are very passionate about their community and young people’s health. Their main aim is to educate their peers as well as the community at large about HIV/AIDS and to contribute to the development of their community.
  2. Unity Youth Forum – UYF was also founded in 2010 and based in Apapa Road in Ebute Meta, Lagos Mainland LGA. The major goal of UYF amongst others is to raise the political awareness of the youths in the community and to encourage them to demand accountability from their political representatives while also tackling the social ills faced by young people.
  3. Galadimawa Progressive Youth Association –GPYA founded in 2012 and based in Galadimawa Village in AMAC LGA, Abuja FCT. The main aim of the group is to tackle the issues of HIV/AIDS, early pregnancy, environmental concerns and climate change education and awareness.