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YBI envisions a society free of all forms of discrimination where all young people irrespective of their sexual orientation and gender identity, economic status and religious affiliations, have adequate access to quality health care. One of the organization’s core objectives is to organize sensitization workshops, trainings and seminars for awareness on housing and human rights linkage to HIV/AIDS as it relates to Key Affected Populations with the aim of reducing stigma and discrimination.
YBI started out as a Public Health and Sexual Reproductive Health awareness creation group, with emphasis on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. As a youth focused organization, we do not believe that you can talk to young people about their future, visions, future dreams and careers without addressing their health concerns e.g., HIV/AIDS prevention and sexual reproductive health generally.
In the past, YBI had organized several activities such as workshops, seminars, trainings, HIV Peer Education, and Edutainment concerts to pass across HIV/AIDS information to young people and encouraging them to be change agents. YBI is registered with some Health Advocacy networks nationally and internationally.