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Question 1: Who are the people behind Youth Builders Initiative?

Answer: (see answer under BoT Profiles)

Question 2: Who can become a member of YBI?

Answer: Anyone who share the vision and is ready to undertake the mission of the NGO and also ready to adhere to the policies, rules and procedures of the organization can become a member. Click here for more details on membership. (Link to membership criteria and form).

Question 3: Of what benefit is YBI to the society?

Answer: YBI provides services that address plethora of challenges in the society, thus providing opportunities for people to acquire knowledge and skills to improve their lives and to make the society a better place to live in. The following are the areas in which our services make impact on the society:

• Young people with adequate skills for future learning
• People who are able to generate income through self-employed ventures
• People with HIV/AIDS Awareness
• Better reproductive health awareness and decisions
• Reduced unemployment
• Crop of well-behaved, cultured and responsible young people
• Youths who are able to be self-dependent and self-employed
• Young people with better skills to compete anywhere in the world;

Question 4: who are the target population of Youth Builders Initiative?

Answer: to make reasonable impact we target individuals, groups and organizations/institutions who/which are common in the under-listed locations, in all parts of the country and they include, but not restricted to:

• Religious Organizations – Churches and Mosques
• Market – traders, drivers, hawkers, barrow/cart pushers, grinders, beggars
• Parks/Bus-stops – cyclists, drivers, passengers, loaders, conductors
• Streets – urchins (area boys/girls), wanderers, beggars, loners, destitute, hawkers
• Hotels/Brothels/Guest Houses: sex- workers, drunk, dancers, smokers
• Homes: Drop-outs, young single mothers, unemployed, idle
• Slum: Smokers, drunk, destitute, idle youth, hoodlums, ruffians, prostitutes, hopeless

Question 5: How can one support the causes of Youth Builders Initiative?

Answer: Anyone who intends to support the NGO can come in by any of the following ways:
-Financial support – as an NGO we rely very much on financial support from governments, bigger NGOs, international donors, corporate bodies, philanthropists and so on. Click Here for Account Detail

- Gift and tied Grants – we accept gifts and grant from philanthropists and organizations

- Volunteerism – one can volunteer in any of our core programs (entrepreneurship, agropreneurship, empowerment, scholarship, sports and academic competition).

- Technical Assistance – we solicit technical assistance from NGOs with technical expertise in a particular area where their services are required.

- Partnership – there are platforms for partnership with Governments, other NGOs, corporate entities and institutions to execute projects in a mutually beneficial way.

- Network – we believe in synergy to propel growth and so we establish network with other organizations which help us with vital information and support in the course of our work in pursuit of our strategic objectives.

Question 6: Why is YBI so interested in young people?

Answer: Our activities revolve around young people because they are most vulnerable to the issues the NGO intends to tackle and as the leaders of tomorrow, they should be mentored and coached on the requisites of leadership.

Question 7: Who do you call a young person?

Answer: To the NGO, a young person is anyone with enough energy to sit out a coaching/mentorship process that can provide him/her opportunity for attaining the soundness of mind to set objectives and the skills required to achieve the set goal in his/life time.

Question 8: What is my reward as a stakeholder?

-Answer: Anyone who is impacted by the NGO or its project is a stakeholder - there are categories and levels of stakeholders in YBI:

-A Participant in YBI program is entitled to free training and in some cases, allowance, gifts and/or souvenirs.

-Volunteer is entitled to benefits such as: free training, opportunity to participate in international conferences, higher responsibilities, scholarship, special award, honorarium (in some cases), financial incentives and other benefits enjoyed by participants.

-Staff members will enjoy all the benefits as well as regular salaries and promotion. The civil society members are to reap all the objectives of the NGO.

-Donors/supporter/partners will have their images projected as people who contribute to the attainment of our dreams and their names and/or products published on our website, Facebook page, media advert or any other publication.