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We seek dedicated and multi-talented staff that are young professionals, technical experts, and experienced professionals. You will definitely choose to work at YBI for the fact that we are an ambitious and rewarding mission and we value fun. YBI is a place for those who seek opportunity for growth and innovative leadership skills. Fill form



We believe that the dream of developing, building capacity and empowering the young people is a huge task that cannot be achieved with the meagre resources at our disposal. We solicit volunteerism from all over the globe to be part of this worthwhile vision. Dedicated volunteers who are willing become the staff members of YBI when the need arises. Join the train of revolutionists today, let’s change the world together and shape it the way we want it to be!
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Corporate Partners

Fulfilling corporate social responsibility in the lives of young people – a rewarding venture!
It is our duty to consult with our corporate bodies, study their business objectives and social priorities in order to jointly design programs that yield mutual benefit. By doing this, we can be sure of increased efficiency, improved employee engagement and retention, and reduced costs of hiring and training. As an NGO with the goal of bringing the best out of young people, we are poised to work with any willing business entity.
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