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The News column provides the opportunity for members of the NGO to share current information that affect the young people to site visitors. News items are to be archived according to date.


This is an online dairy for updating stakeholders and visitors on topical issues such as Education, Life skills, Agropreneurship, Business, Business, Finance, Economics, ICT, etc. anyone with good writing skill can become a correspondent in this regard.


YBI Library is content-rich research reservoir from where youths and visitors of the site can read and get insight into educational, entrepreneurial and business opportunities in Nigeria and around the globe.


Our events offer stakeholders the opportunity to come together to exchange and cross-fertilize ideas and experience on youth development, capacity building and empowerment. It is a platform for expanding knowledge, skills and understanding of challenges and opportunities in the complex world of politics, economy, business and other areas that impact on the lives of young people.
(N/B: Both past and future events are listed with the following features: Theme, dates, agenda and resources which are to be provided by the NGO the agenda and resources are uploadable PDF files).


We proudly feature an array of partners, youth, and supporters under the Videos page, so you can watch and learn more about how we work together to drive positive change for young people who are our focus in the organization.


Here we offer the opportunity for visitors to enjoy top-level interviews, new research, and other important updates on our youth-focused development initiatives. Subscribe now and enjoy the conversation and discussions about trends, progress, and solutions in YBI.

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These provide clickable social media buttons where visitors can keep in touch with us to get the latest information about us. They include:
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