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Advocacy is a tool that YBI uses to get leaders, stakeholders, and government agencies to support initiatives, interventions and programs that contribute to the development of the society as well as the development and empowerment of our teeming youths. YBI believes that, with advocacy we can have robust discussions on the way forward for our dear country while also presenting facts, figures and data to help chart a new course for our collective good.
Since inception, YBI has been involved in several advocacy activities ranging from health, education, climate change, youth development and good governance. YBI has also been represented in many international conferences on HIV/AIDS to present papers on the work it does in Nigeria and to garner support for the implementation of its programs.
Some of the international conferences and advocacy efforts of YBI includes, United Nations World Summit on Information Society – WSIS Tunis 2005; ICASA 2005 Abuja Nigeria; Microbicides 2006 South Africa 2006; Microbicides 2008 India 2008; Microbicides 2010 Pittsburgh USA; ICASA 2011 Addis Ababa 2011; Microbicides 2012 Sydney Australia; IAS 2012 Washington DC USA 2012; Health Integration for Impact Conference 2012 Nairobi Kenya.
YBI also implemented an advocacy project – Global  Lube Assess Mobilization project GLAM, in conjunction with the International Rectal Microbicides Advocates –IRMA Nigeria and the International Center for Advocacy on Right to Health- ICARH in 2013. The project which lasted 6 months was funded by the American Foundation for AIDS Research- amfAR and the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. The main goal of the project was to advocate for the inclusion of assess to condom compatible lubricants in the Nigerian HIV/AIDS Strategic work plan.

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Education is a very key tool in developing and preparing our youths for future tasks. YBI believes in using education, whether formal or informal, to develop the creative minds of our youths. To this end, YBI has one of its educational products as;


Nabel Kiddies Academy
NKA is a place where kids are nurtured and cared for, while also developing their creative minds by teaching them with the latest teaching aids and tools used in USA and Britain.
Early life education is very important in building a strong educational foundation for kids. The quality of early education received by children will go a long way to shape their thinking and mentality as well as creative minds. This will also ensure a strong academic foundation. That is why we believe at Nabel Kiddies Academy that, helping to teach kids creativity at a tender age will help them develop problem solving skills which are a vital ingredients and qualities of a good leader.

Scrabble Clubs:
Another Educational initiative by YBI is the in-school and Out of school Scrabble clubs. In the past, several writers had used different phrases and sentences to describe the poor level of reading habits among Africans especially Nigerians e.g., ”if you want to hide anything from a black man put it in the pages of a book and they will never bother to look at it” . In this time of information Technology, we need to constantly explore all the avenues of information sharing and one such ways is to read widely.
Classroom education is not the end of learning, the process of learning continues, as long as we want to be abreast of the happenings around us and learn ways we can contribute our own quota to ease the social problem being faced by our people.
In Nigeria and most part of Africa, aside the fact that there is no motivation to go to school; most people come from poor homes and backgrounds. There is need to motivate children and encourage them to read and know how to explore the different means of getting information. It is said that readers are leaders and if we must develop strong leaders, we must inculcate the habit of reading in our students and young people.
Scrabble is a word game in which 2 to 4 players score points by forming words from individual lettered tiles on a game board marked with a 15 x 15 grid. The words are formed across and down in crossword fashion and must appear in a standard dictionary. It is played as a leisure game and it can be played professionally too. Playing it is educative, informative as well as entertaining; one can make a living from it, playing it professionally or for leisure will motivate and encourage the players to read wide in order to be good at the game.
To be the best in the game one needs to have the power of vocabulary, the more words one knows the better the chances of being a better opponent in a game. This will no doubt encourage the habit of reading among students who wants to be good at the game; they will pass well in their academics and be able to do research works.


  • To establish Scrabble Clubs in Secondary Schools and encourage inter – school competition among schools annually.
  • To empower young people by organizing Scrabble clubs within communities and encouraging them to participate actively as a means of reducing idleness, crime and engagement in other activities that predisposes them to danger.
  • Build future leaders by encouraging them to read so as to be effective leaders.
  • Create employment opportunities.
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YBI envisions a society free of all forms of discrimination where all young people irrespective of their sexual orientation and gender identity, economic status and religious affiliations, have adequate access to quality health care. One of the organization’s core objectives is to organize sensitization workshops, trainings and seminars for awareness on housing and human rights linkage to HIV/AIDS as it relates to Key Affected Populations with the aim of reducing stigma and discrimination.
YBI started out as a Public Health and Sexual Reproductive Health awareness creation group, with emphasis on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. As a youth focused organization, we do not believe that you can talk to young people about their future, visions, future dreams and careers without addressing their health concerns e.g., HIV/AIDS prevention and sexual reproductive health generally.
In the past, YBI had organized several activities such as workshops, seminars, trainings, HIV Peer Education, and Edutainment concerts to pass across HIV/AIDS information to young people and encouraging them to be change agents. YBI is registered with some Health Advocacy networks nationally and internationally.

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Community Development

Community organizing is a key element in Community Development and it has to do with organizing a community to mobilize resources within the community towards its development. Community organizing is a key strategy used by YBI to get stakeholders to support community initiatives geared toward community development and empowerment.
For a community initiative to be successful and sustainable, the community members must take ownership. And one way to ensure ownership is to engage the community members at the initial stage of any project in the community. YBI has mentored and supported the formation of some community initiatives. These initiatives are geared towards contributing to the development of their various communities.
YBI continues to provide technical support and developing the capacities of these community initiatives in order for them to be able to implement community based interventions aimed at youth and community development. Some of the community initiative that YBI helped set up include;

  1. Otumara Concerned Barbers – OCB was founded in 2008 and based in Otumara Village in Ebute Meta, Lagos Mainland Local Government. OCB is a group of barbers who are very passionate about their community and young people’s health. Their main aim is to educate their peers as well as the community at large about HIV/AIDS and to contribute to the development of their community.
  2. Unity Youth Forum – UYF was also founded in 2010 and based in Apapa Road in Ebute Meta, Lagos Mainland LGA. The major goal of UYF amongst others is to raise the political awareness of the youths in the community and to encourage them to demand accountability from their political representatives while also tackling the social ills faced by young people.
  3. Galadimawa Progressive Youth Association –GPYA founded in 2012 and based in Galadimawa Village in AMAC LGA, Abuja FCT. The main aim of the group is to tackle the issues of HIV/AIDS, early pregnancy, environmental concerns and climate change education and awareness.
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Traning and Development

Continuous self development is a sure way to keep abreast of current and latest methods and strategies in getting things done effectively and efficiently. Many staff members and volunteers of YBI have had an opportunity to attend several trainings to build their capacities and empower them to be able to do their work effectively.
We continue to seek for training and empowerment opportunities for our staff members and volunteers alike, so as to continue to be better at their work.
YBI also has a training and empowerment program that is spearheaded by YBI Abia state coordinator, who is a seasoned skills acquisition trainer. The major goal of the Training and Empowerment unit of YBI is to identify skills that are marketable, identify and select those interested in learning and acquiring these skills and trained them so they can be financially independent.