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YBI envisions a society free of all forms of discrimination where all young people irrespective of sexual orientation and gender identity, economic status and religious affiliations, have the opportunity to fully understand their rights, responsibilities and duties as it relates to self-discovery and nation building.



Providing sexual reproductive health and human rights education, and developing the potentials of young people through capacity building, Training, empowerment, education, and direct services.


Philosophy and core values

We leverage on certain principles, philosophies, ideologies and core values that guide our actions in the course of dealing with different categories of our stakeholders. Below are the philosophies and core values of YBI:

  • Our Clients: Our worldview is that each one is endowed with a unique potential to succeed and that they can achieve any set goal, despite their ethnicity, colour, race, gender, social or economic status.
  • Our Partners/Donors: We are delighted in working together with people of like minds, who believe no man is an island, to make the world better every day.
  • The Society: At YBI, it is conventional and our ideology to identify the needs of the society before embarking on any project. It is only by such practice that we meet our target.
  • We: Our passion for improved living is what spur us into working tirelessly; executing our mission, on daily bases towards achieving our vision

Our core values are, therefore, summarized in the acronym “LIGHT” which is explained below: Respect for human dignity should be our major core value.

L –Love: Our own definition of love is to build the capacity of people to get out of the dungeon of ignorance and become relevant to themselves, their family and the society at large

I – Innovation: leveraging on the uniqueness of each individual and the infinite capability of the human mind, we motivate, train and mentor people to change the world and make it a better place to live.

G – Gaiety: It is not our culture to do our job in a boring and barren atmosphere that is devoid of fun; at every moment, our smiles bring true LIGHT to lighten the burdens of our esteemed clients.

H – Honesty: We cherish doing our job with probity and accountability in a transparent environment.

T – Talent: In our quest to make a difference in the world, we believe in working with talented young people that can synergize to bring about realistic transformation.

Philosophies and Core Values of YBI

YBI’s objectives include the following:

  1. To organize conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings and open debates on issues concerning youth development and empowerment in Nigeria.
  2. To organize sensitization workshop and seminars for awareness on housing and human rights linkage to HIV/AIDS as it relates to Key Affected Populations with the aim of reducing stigma and discrimination.
  3. To provide technical assistance and develop the capacity as a monitoring organization to other community and youth based NGOs implementing intervention activities geared towards youth and community development in Nigeria.
  4. To encourage volunteerism among young people.
  1. To network and collaborate with other Non-governmental organizations and mainstream organizations with similar objectives.